Saturday, May 15, 2010

Makita Leaf Blower | Gas Leaf Blower Makes Clean-up a Breeze

Regardless of whether you are looking for your initial leaf blower or a replacement for your old device, the Makita leaf blower is worthy of your consideration.

There are several factors when contemplating a 4 cycle Makita leaf blower.

Most notably, it does the job. You can acquire other models that are relatively less costly, but getting one that performs as well in terms of overall performance and environmental considerations is a difficult task.. In fact, if you read the reviews of all the gas tools in this category, the Makita leaf blower definitely blows away the competition.

Number two consideration - economy. Fuel efficiency is the specialty of a 4 cycle engine. Accounts from happy customers express that their Makita leaf blower runs longer on a tank of oil-free gas than its less efficient 2-cycle relatives. The engine is easy to start, as well.

Third - eco-friendly. Four cycle engines are significantly ahead of two cycle engines when it comes to emissions, regardless of the advance in technology of two cycle machines.. When you don't have a gas-oil mixture in the combustion chamber, there is much less in the way of environmentally damaging contaminants. In addition, the engine runs with a lot less noise, reducing the noise pollution. Your community will thank you for using such a hushed machine.

Fourth - convenience. Think of it. No more mixing gas and oil. "Was that supposed to be 32:1 or 40:1?" No more mess on the garage floor. And the good thing - the Makita leaf blower cranks up in only one or two tries, regularly.

Finally - you will look good using it. It's fashionable blue, with a smooth body. Cool. OK, that's a stretch, but you will love the way you look with it in your hand.

Personally, my former gas leaf blower happened to be a 2 cycle Echo (now gathering dust and cobwebs in my garage), purportedly one of the best brand names in lawn products.. It worked alright, but I always had trouble getting it going, virtually from its first use. Far too often, I was practically worn out by the time it finally started.

So I carried it down to the nearby repair man where the guy "tuned" it up. After that it hardly ever worked at all. If I did get it started, it sputtered and spit, producing a weak breeze rather than a powerful wind. Of course, I took it back, but it never worked well.

As soon as I had my fill of using an old-fashioned broom, I bought a new leaf blower on the internet - another 2 cycle job - however after doing a bit of research and finding out about the rewards of 4 cycle engines, I decided to cancel my order (which had been back-ordered) and buy a Makita leaf blower with a 4 cycle engine. What a great experience it has been since that Makita leaf blower arrived on my front porch! I am now a believer.

The Makita leaf blower is lighter, it starts easier, it is less noisy, and it does not give off the noxious gases of a 2 cycle engine.

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Happy Gardening!

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